You have come to the right place. The fact you are here means that you are brave enough to start your own company – a brokerage firm. There are many brokers around and not all of them are focused on clients. We believe that the focus on your clients and your genuine desire to provide a good service is the cornerstone of a successful broker. We have the technology and knowledge to make it all happen. We will help you with applying for an investment firm license, preparing compliance documentation, recruiting team members, setting up the technology and business processes, executing marketing/sales/business development strategies and a lot more. We will also help you design and execute a business plan of building a successful broker by focusing on the right services, products and key qualities below.


Low spreads

Spread is the difference between the bid and ask price. The lower the spread the higher is your clients profitability. We recommend to provide as low spreads as possible to your clients.


Direct access

A good ECN broker provides direct access to the market. The broker earns only from the commissions paid by the customer.


All strategies allowed

All trading strategies should be allowed. Client should be able to scalp, use expert advisors (EA-s), hedge your positions, do high-frequency trading (HFT) or trade during news releases.


Safety of funds

Segregated funds mean your clients money should be held separately from your own capital. As a broker you cannot use client funds except for their trading purposes.


Charge low fees

Have as low commissions as possible on trading. Depositing should be free of charge.


Leverage up to 1:500

Provide up to 1:500 leverage to your clients. Leverage leads to an increase in risk but also in potential profit.


Platforms & devices

Offer a number of platforms to your clients. The most popular retail platform is the MetaTrader4 platform that has 20 languages available for your clients convenience.


Trading possibilites

Have as many trading instruments as possible. Clients love variety.


Support your clients

Friendly multilingual client support is a must. You should reply to your client inquiries within 12 hours.

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