Connect to Your Liquidity Using Our Technology

We provide the technology that currently supports connectivity to over ninety industry-leading market makers and tier-one banks. The core of this technology consists of an ultra-low latency order routing and pricing engine, giving a bank or broker the opportunity to connect to a wide range of liquidity providers. The engine supports complex order routing and aggregation, as well as multi band liquidity streams for superior execution on high trading volumes. Support for a wide variety of front-end interfaces (MT4, FIX, custom APIs) enables banks and brokers to facilitate specific demands of clients in the retail as well as catering to the institutional segment. Our technology offering enables banks and brokers to compose, customize and distribute their own liquidity to other entities as well as individuals.

Key features:

  • Connectivity to multiple liquidity sources, front-end trading platforms and APIs
  • Flexible composition of price streams and markups
  • Multi-tiered best bid/offer aggregation
  • Complex and dynamic order routing rules
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis

MT4 Connectivity

MetaTrader 4 Bridge, links the world’s most popular trading platform to an advanced order routing and aggregation engine. Sophisticated synchronization mechanisms ensure consistency between MetaTrader and the LPs while full support for parallel processing allows maximum throughput at low latency.

Custom API Connectivity

Our execution engine provides highly customizable support for industry standard FIX 4.2 – 4.4 compliant interfaces as well as low latency binary protocols, enabling brokers to extend their liquidity offering to allow for virtually any form of connectivity.

Back-office Connectivity

Our execution engine facilitates efficient integration to back-office systems through custom interfaces. Flexible control over information flow and related data as well as support for transmission protocols ensuring information persistency are among the key features.

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