Expert AdvisorsAn Expert Advisor (EA) is a piece of software or a program written specifically for the MetaTrader platform. An Expert Advisor can just advise traders which trades to make or can be programmed to automatically execute the trades on a demo or live account. So EA is like a robot performing automated trading functions.

Expert Advisors are very flexible pieces of software that can take any information into account that is available on the MetaTrader platform. They are written in their own proprietary programming language called MetaQuotes Language Version 4 (MQL4).

Most of our clients rent their own VPS in London or nearby. This way they just switch the EA on and can go to a vacation because everything is automated. Trading robots do not have emotions, fear, greed etc. This means that they will trade only when the probability of success is the highest. This is something that humans are not capable of doing as they lack the discipline and conviction.

Most Popular EA-s

The following EA-s are considered as the best Experts Advisors by many of our clients.

Forex Thor II
Million Dollar Pips (MDP)
Shark 7
Forex Envy
SuperScalper NMI
Forex Gold Machine
Smart Hunk
Forex Treasure


Complete List of Expert Advisors

The following is the complete list of Expert Advisors used by our clients. This list is not automatically updated, so at any given time there could be less or more EA-s active.

Aeron EA, Forex Treasure EA, Million Dollar Pips (MDP), Daxa Cash, IBT Auto, Ilan, Ilan Dynamic, Martingale, Packard Tresor, IrisFx, WallStreet Robot, Forex GridTrader, Yen Drive, Forex Growth Bot, Packard BB-ADX v2, Forex Megadroid, Forex Envy, PhiBase Synergy, TestFxEA, Forex Striker Pro, Forex Thor II, Forex Combo Syst., Happy Forex, Ray Scalper, Forex Warrior, FE-TrendScalper, Forex Striker, LiveTraderEA v1.2, Range Trading, ReticoloFX Ring, ReticoloFX Basket, CloveriX, ACTrader, Forex Morning Trade, Forex Sigma, USD Drive, ACTrader-Scalper, Silver Robot, Forex Demolition, Breakout Hunter, B.O.R.N. Nt. Owl, Fuse Drive, PipStrider, Forex Megabot, Packard VIVA, MDP USDJPY, RoboMiner Pro, Forex Titan, Forex Cleaner, PipJet, RoboMiner II, MiRobot, EA Shark 7, fe-BotRobot, Forex-AI AutoTrader, Forex Real Profit, FX Race to $100K, EuroKey EA, DNA FX Trading, FX-Pitbull, Hyper EA v2.2, Fortuna EA, GridbullEA, Fx Gold Trader 3.0, AI Forex Robot, TheSpecialOne, FE-TrendFast v2, StatArb PRO, FX-Skill, FE-Trend AUDNZD, Forex Shocker, Complete Drive, Forex Hacked, MT4ForexEA, Forex Over Drive, Gold EA V2, FAP Ultra, Revobot-1, Portfolio EA V4, Port. Double EA, Block Trading EA, Forex Shocker Pro, Forex Max. Adv., Forex Hercules PE, MDP GBPUSD, Quantum EA, Forex Avalanche, PrecisionTypeA, Forex Eclipse, Silver EA, ParaSwing EA, E-B Turbo, Forex Accumulator, Forex Avatar v2, Furious Scalper, Forex Maximizer, Forex Harvester, Forex Pips Bag, FxVoodoo v5, Euro-Blaster 7.1, CaliberFX Pro, FxPowerCube, Trade Chimp, Forex Conquest, Black Belt EA, Forex Bling, Haru EA, Forex Cash Protector, Forex Minute Trader, 4X ATM, Forex Derivative Pro, Smart EA, Chopper Premium, Fractals 4, EurUsd-Asys, FX SmartInvest, EA-Prof (v2), Platinum Forex Bot, Forex IronBot, Forex Twister, Magic-Champ II, Forex Crescendo, ImpactFX, FxCoreScalper, FxPromax, Forex Lexxus PRO, Forex Cyclone, FX SpeedTrader, Pro Auto Trader, Forex G-Force, ForexCPT, Forex Insider Pro, Forex Combo Syst. v4, CAD-Trader, Master Scalper, Brkout. Genius v7, FX Equity Builder v3, QuantumFXBot, Forex Crusher, MetaPRO Ultima, FX Secret Signals, Forex Knight Rider, Forex Humanoid, FxBrokerBuster, Shuriken Gold, Forex NoNameBot, Probability EA, FX Phantom, Fx Solution EA, Forex Golem, TFOT, Fast Forex Millions, Poison Robot Hacked, Forex Turbo Drive, Forex Godfather, Revobot-2, Forex Flow, Forex Hercules, Forexilla, Forex Combo Syst. v3, Profits Compounder, EMALGO, Trend Hunter EA, Volatility Factor v4.0, HiRider, FxSteadyGrowth, Reservoir Pips, Forex Shuffle, MapDel4x v2, Forex Pip Dragon, Forex Hippo, Multitrader EA, FxPapa, Orange Robot, NeoTradEx, Blooming Pips, EA-Prof, LMD-Multicurrency, Gold Robot, Fish Forex Robot, Eurobot, Cross Wind EA, NomarkBOT, TwentyPipper, MT4Kill EA, Forex Zombi v5, Forex Signal Safe, Instant Fx Profit, NeoTradEx – Live, Veon, Forex Geek Adv., AutoFXMillionaire, 1ClickPipsXtreme, Gold & Silver, Forex Proteon, CFX Global, StressFreeRobot, Forex Transporter, Forex SuperGeek, Forex Geek.

Forex VPS Providers

Your VPS should be nearby the server of your broker. Below is a list of popular VPS providers.

With every VPS provider there is a risk that they over-crowd their machines. If something like this happens, then your VPS becomes slower and the execution speed also increases. So always run routine tests on your VPS speed and capacity.

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